Even before obtaining his diploma for clarinet, Mauro Morelli took up practical work with this instrument going on tour with various theatre companies. Already at that time friends and colleagues turned to him for adjusting their instruments.

The turning point transforming his hobby into principal activity came in 1994, when after a training with the Frankfort branch of Yamaha, he made direct contacts with the manufacturing company of Buffet-Crampon. From that moment on he signed up for yearly courses in their workshops at Paris, under the direction of Michel Viot (training director), whom he owes so much.

His working experience abroad also made him strive for specialization in repairing saxophones, for the purpose of which he got into touch with Selmer Paris.

His training in the field of i`nstruments and concert life, his ciose cooperation with the firms in Paris and his work with professional musicians or clients in general (orchestra musicians of Italian and foreign theatres, conservatoire teachers, members of military bands, jazz musicians, leaders of show orchestras, amateurs, musi`c students) are the three components continually shaping his know-how and outstanding professionality.

In 2006 Mauro Morelli got into touch with Antoine Courtois, Paris, for the purpose of repairing also brass instruments.

In 2015 the company celebrated the first 20 years of activity.